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Vintage Hills Elementary and PUSD’s Remote Learning Attendance Policies and Procedures: (updated September 6, 2020)


September is Attendance Awareness Month! To help support our students’ consistent engagement during remote learning, we will begin automated attendance calls for all students beginning Tuesday, September 8. These calls are meant to be helpful reminders to keep you aware of your student’s daily attendance and engagement. Consistent engagement during our remote learning period is critical for the continued growth and progress of all students.
●. When your student is marked absent during live (synchronous) instruction, you will receive an automated call within the same day.
If your student’s absence is planned or due to illness, please contact the school attendance line.
Please contact your student’s teacher if you believe the absence is an error.
In the event a student is unable to participate live, the student has the opportunity to participate asynchronously by contacting their teacher the day of the absence.
Every day of learning counts and it is important for our students to be present, engaged and ready to learn - regardless of where learning takes place. Thank you for your continued partnership and support!
For more information on attendance and engagement please see the following link:


Attendance Information during Remote Learning


Vintage Hills Elementary and PUSD’s Attendance Policies and Procedures

A child’s success in school is highly dependent on regular attendance.  For this reason, it is expected that students will attend school, unless they are ill.  Parents are requested to make an effort to schedule medical and dental appointments outside school hours.  The following are excerpts from the California Education Code with which every parent should be familiar:

  • Students shall attend school punctually and regularly.  

(Ed. Code Title V, Section 2)

  • Students shall be required to provide satisfactory explanation for absences.
  • Students shall remain on the school grounds during the entire school day unless permission to leave has been granted by authorized personnel.  (Ed. Code Title V, Section 63.)
  •  Any pupil who is absent from school without valid excuse three full days in one school year, tardy or absent for more than any 30-minute period during the school day without a valid excuse on three occasions in one school year, excessively tardy under 30 minutes, or any combination thereof, is a truant and shall be reported to Senior Director of Pupil Services of the school district (Education Code 48260). Upon his/her second truancy within the same school year, a pupil may be referred to, and required to attend, a School Attendance Review Board, a truancy mediation program established by the district attorney or the probation officer, or a comparable program. Upon his/her third truancy within the same school year, the pupil shall be classified a habitual truant as defined in Education Code 48262. (Education Code 48264.5) The fourth time truancy is reported within the same school year, the pupil shall be within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court which may adjudge the pupil to be a ward of the court pursuant to Section 601 of the Welfare and Institutions Code. 


Our responsibility is to record and track attendance of every student to monitor truancy. All absences result in a loss of valuable instruction for the child and state revenues for the school.  However, please don’t send children to school with the early signs of a cold, a fever, sore throat, or with a persistent cough.

IMPORTANT:  Our school confirms student absences by phone on a daily basis through our “Child Safe” program.  This system of verification assures that all students are accounted for and helps to provide a safe and worry-free day for parents.

Your cooperation is very important.  For any absence, please call the school office each day of the absence to let us know your child will not be attending. You can leave a message 24 hours a day on our attendance line: (925) 417-8097.  Please state the child’s name, the teacher’s name and the reason for absence.  It is not enough to notify the classroom teacher.  

If a student is marked absent and we have not received a call, we will phone you to confirm the reason for the absence.  We log the phone calls and this will take the place of a written excuse for the absence.

Children must be fever, vomit and diarrhea free for 24 hours (without medication) prior to returning to school.  Prolonged illness or communicable diseases should be reported to the school office as soon as they are diagnosed.  

Children who are ill should remain home until they are well enough to return to school.  The school cannot allow children to remain in the building during recess and lunch periods because they are not well enough to be outside. There are some unique instances (broken legs, allergies, etc) where a child is healthy enough to be in school, but really can’t participate outside at recess.  Give our office a call, and we’ll work with you and your child to make arrangements for indoor supervision. 


 A pupil’s absence shall be excused for the following reasons (Education Code 48205)

  •  personal illness;
  •  quarantine under the direction of a county or city health officer;
  •  medical, dental, optometric, or chiropractic appointments.
  •  attendance at funeral services for a member of the immediate family which is defined as mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister or any relative living in the pupil’s immediate household. Excused absence in this instance shall be limited to one day if the service is conducted in California or three days of the service is conducted out of state. 

It is the policy of the Board of Trustees not to excuse pupils to attend regular classes for religious education conducted during the regular school day (District Policy 6113.2). In such instances, the pupil shall attend at least the minimum school day and shall be excused for this purpose on no more than four school days per month (Education Code 46014). 


 Family-related leaves of absence of 5 or more school days require an Independent Study Contract. This absence will be excused if the appropriate paperwork has been completed and returned to the attendance office and the pupil’s teacher has been notified of the planned absence at least 2 weeks prior to the absence. 

  • Teachers’ and administrators’ signatures on the contract do NOT constitute approval by the school for the absence but simply confirm proper notification of the reason for the possible excused absence.  A list of assignments for the pupil to be completed while absent will be prepared and are due on the day of the pupil’s return to school. If all the requirements of the independent study contract are met, the absences for this period of time will be excused. 
  • The period of time for this absence may not exceed one calendar month. Any circumstances that require the absence to exceed one calendar month must be approved by the school principal. If the calendar month ends during a school holiday, the pupil must be present at school on the first day following the holiday with all the contracted Independent Study work completed. 
  • If the work is not handed in on the first day of return, then the absence would be considered an unexcused absence, and the pupil would have to reapply to the school for readmission (based on space and program availability).
  • Independent Study is NOT an option for the last two weeks of school and the first week of school.  


Students are to arrive NO EARLIER than 15 minutes before the start of school.. There is no adult supervision prior to this time. Students are expected to walk to their line-up areas and wait until their teacher admits them to their classroom. On rainy days, there will be supervision in the multi-purpose room beginning at 8 am.

Students are to leave the school grounds immediately after dismissal. If students are not picked up by 15 minutes after their dismissal time, we will contact individuals on the emergency card.  We will not release students to after school pickup programs if they are not on the emergency card. 


Any student who arrives at school five minutes after the start of the school day, should report to the office to receive a tardy slip. A note or phone call is required when a student is tardy. Acceptable reasons for tardiness include student illness, injury, and medical appointments.  A pattern of late arrivals is a concern to us. This results initially in letters expressing our concern, and progresses to a referral to our district’s attendance officer and a possible review by the Student Attendance Review Board.