Food Guidelines for PUSD Schools

Policy Regarding Food for School Parties/Celebrations

In an effort to support students with food allergies, diabetes, and other health conditions related to food, we have developed the following policy for all elementary schools at PUSD to promote overall student health and protect instructional time.

  1. Birthday celebrations – No food treats will be allowed in school for any birthday celebrations. We recognize that birthdays are special to students and, if parents would like their child to share something with his/her class in honor of his/her birthday, here are some suggestions: a book or a rainy day game for the classroom collection or school library, pencils/erasers for classmates, or a plant to plant in the school garden if there is one. Teachers may also use other ways to acknowledge birthdays, such as allowing students to be the line leader, or allowing students to be the student of the day, or having students be the teacher’s helper for a day. Parents will not be allowed to send toys, flowers, or balloons to students in their classrooms. Any deliveries will be returned to the sender.

  1. Classroom parties – Classroom parties should be limited to less than 4 times a year.  Parents are to be notified ahead of time in order to make arrangement in the situation that their child has a food allergy or diabetes. If there is any student with food allergies in the class, it is recommended that such food be prohibited in the classroom.  All foods are to be store bought and clearly labeled with ingredients. To encourage healthy behavior, refreshments for class parties should include light snacks and beverages with an emphasis on healthy snack choices such as cheese, crackers, fruits and vegetables.  

  1. Multiculture or international day celebrations – there should be no food offered in these celebrations during the school day. Food may be offered after school and when parents are present. Food for such celebrations can be home made and must be prepared according to the district policy 5535. It is highly recommended that allergy alerts be made and clearly displayed. For example: if the food is made of peanuts or any peanut product, a “peanut alert” should be displayed. For common food allergens, please refer to the FAAN website (Food Allergy and Anaphylactic Network).


FAAN website:

Management of Life-Threatening Allergies Policy and Regulation 5536

Food Provided for School Functions Policy and Regulation 5537

Students Wellness Policy and Regulation 5030