PPIE 2020-2021 Inspire Student Grant - Due November 13th

PPIE is excited to announce the launch of our 2020-2021 Inspire Student Grant. PPIE provides grants to fund up to $500 for student projects or special events that support student achievement in all areas.  Projects should also support the PUSD Strategic Plan mission: “Our students will make a better world.”  
Grant applications are now being accepted. To be considered, please submit applications on or before November 13th.  Students interested in applying for an Innovative Student Grant should keep the following criteria in mind:
  • A student or student group may submit only one proposal per school year.
  • A PUSD student or group of students must author the application.
  • A single student named to submit the proposal must be central to carrying out the project and will be responsible for tracking finances and writing and submitting the final report by the deadline.
  • The sponsoring teacher must be involved/consulted in developing and implementing the project, through to completion, including the tracking of finances and writing and submitting the final report by the deadline.  Please do not apply until a sponsoring teacher has committed to this task.
  • All activities and materials requested are to be compliant with PUSD policies.
  • Awardees must submit evidence of the end project with PPIE - as a photo, video and/or brief narrative.  Please note that PPIE may share this information with the general public, so please be mindful of your submission.
  • Typical expenses considered for funding are consumables and non-consumables (will become the property of PUSD).  Please note that PPIE will not fund entrance fees for competitions through the Student Grant program.
  • Funding is not available for salaries of PUSD employees or substitute teachers.
  • A teacher sponsor, to offer guidance as needed through the completion of the project, is required and must verify sponsorship via email verification to PPIE (once application is submitted).
We are looking forward to your submissions and anticipate that while this year is unique, we will still be able to support students in their independent projects in a new way.  An application can be found at Ppie.org.