September is Attendance Awareness Month!

To help support our students’ consistent engagement during remote learning, we will begin automated attendance calls for all students beginning Tuesday, September 8. These calls are meant to be helpful reminders to keep you aware of your student’s daily attendance and engagement. Consistent engagement during our remote learning period is critical for the continued growth and progress of all students.
●. When your student is marked absent during live (synchronous) instruction, you will receive an automated call within the same day.
If your student’s absence is planned or due to illness, please contact the school attendance line.
Please contact your student’s teacher if you believe the absence is an error.
In the event a student is unable to participate live, the student has the opportunity to participate asynchronously by contacting their teacher the day of the absence.
Every day of learning counts and it is important for our students to be present, engaged and ready to learn - regardless of where learning takes place. Thank you for your continued partnership and support!