Neighborhood Registration for TK/Kinder on February 5th from 4 - 6:30 at VH

TK and Kinder Neighborhood Registration is Wednesday, February 5th from 4:00 - 6:30 at VHills. 
Please see steps below on what needs to be completed.  
Step 1:
To begin the enrollment process parents/guardians complete the online pre-enrollment.  Once completed and submitted, parents/guardians must print a copy of this pre-enrollment information for each student.  Directions for completing the online pre-enrollment are available in English or Spanish
If you are unable to complete or submit the online pre-enrollment for any reason, please proceed to Step 2 and bring your documents to the residence school site.  Your enrollment will be completed at the school.   Having the following documents ready when you go to your residence school will make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Step 2

The Enrollment Checklist is your guide.  Please print it and use it as your checklist to ensure you bring the correct documents to your residence school site, otherwise, the school staff may not be able to complete your enrollment.                           

             1. Printed confirmation of the online enrollment information ( from Step 1)

             2. Complete Enrollment Form 

             3. Birth Certificate or Passport

             4. Immunization records

             5. Two (2) proofs of residency