Amazon Smiles (If you use Amazon, you can help Vintage Hills)

As you shop this year, we ask that you please take a few minutes to make sure you are taking advantage of retailers' giving programs. It's free to you, and greatly benefits Vintage Hills!
Love to shop on Amazon?
Through Amazon Smile, Vintage Hills can earn 0.05% of your spending.
To sign-up to support Vintage Hills go to
Once there, log-in to your regular account and you will be prompted to choose a charity. All you need to do is search and select Vintage Hills PTA (make sure it's the one in Pleasanton) and you are ready to shop.
In order for Vintage Hills to receive money, make sure to always open amazon through in your web browser.  
You won't get credit through the app on your phone, but can create a shortcut to use on your phone:
  1. Visit in browser 
  2. Next, hit the share button at the bottom middle of your screen.
  3. Now click add to Home Screen. You have just created a shortcut to the Amazon Smile page to easily navigate here from the homepage.