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Pick-up/Drop-off Reminder!

The drop-off area consists of one lane at the entrance. The Red area on the north end of the school driveway is a NO Drop-off or Pick-up area. The WHITE area between the two school gates is the only drop-off and pick-up area. The south side of the school driveway is reserved for buses and vans, only! No parking along the north side of the driveway from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. daily. This blocks the efficient flow of traffic, and causes unnecessary unsafe movement.

After entering the driveway, vehicles continue around the loop in the lane to an available curbside loading area.  Parents need to stay in the vehicle to reduce the time occupying the loading area. After unloading or loading of passengers, vehicles are able to pull out into the “no stopping” lane and exit the loop. During the hours posted, left turns are prohibited; and, exiting school parking spots are postponed for 15 minutes.

Please remember that although your child is safely inside the school or in the vehicle, many other students are still walking around and cautious driving is needed at all times. We will be monitoring these procedures to evaluate the effectiveness of reducing traffic congestion while ensuring optimum safety for our students. Thank you for your cooperation and please drive safe!